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On Call Lawyers

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Regardless of what you think about lawyers, they’re your best friends when you get into a real trouble. To err is human, and mistakes will happen so it’s good to have a good lawyer by your side when you hit a trouble.

Anyway, do you believe that you are actually supposed to reach their office building to sort things out? Lawyers and law societies are with us since the inception of the society. But time has changed, we’ve technology today, why shouldn’t law firms be a little more practical. Lucky you, they are actually! Almost every law firm is accepting the change, and if the matter is not very sensitive – they’d arrange a phone-call or even a skype consultation with a lawyer, they call it – “On Call Lawyer” service.

Who Needs One?

Usually, we’ve seen people coming to the ‘on call lawyers’ when things are complicated yet they have a time left to change the outcome, Such cases may be:

  • How to enforce a child support order, can it be modified?
  • Can I file divorce when my spouse doesn’t want to?
  • How can I evict my tenant?
  • How to reply to a legal notice?

We’re sure that you get the idea, the above four questions can be very common but the situations within can be uncommon. If the matter is not very sensitive and a person would be satisfied with an expert opinion or a minor consultancy for today, they would not require driving to lawyers but a phone call will do the initial part.

What can you expect from this service?

They are professional, pretty soon you’d feel that quick connection. But obviously, since they would be on the other side of the phone call, they would simply try to clear the mess out of your path.

On Call Lawyer aren’t limited to just one subject. So apart from the general consultancy part, you can find a specialized lawyer who can assist you in another field as well, for instance – IT sector, taxation, corporate assist etc.


Many law firms in the US are offering a free first-call facility, means your initial communications will be free of cost, which includes problem sharing, document submissions, basic consultation, the paid procedure starts right after that.

Good enough! as you’ve got to pay for just the important part. Legal matters are often complex and require paperwork, research, and reviews. You can set a customized plan with your on call lawyer to work on these additional fronts and get the documentation work completed on the legal issues. Tariff is decided by the pre-negotiated hourly rate. if the client has any questions related with that he can ask the lawyer before purchasing the service. There will be no hidden fee, and the fare-meter will run by the clock.

Ongoing Services

Depending upon the contract, these lawyers do provide ongoing services after the phone-call consultation. A client should note that on call lawyers are qualified lawyers, who carry license which they obtain after the completion of their university degree. So yes, they can provide every conventional ongoing service which is expected from a lawyer.

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