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Lawyer’s Fee – Do Your Maths before Hiring

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Talking about criminal lawyer’s fees, there’s no constant rule how they charge and how much they charge. However, you can take help from the following indicators.

  • Level of Complexity: Felonies are expensive to defend as compared to misdemeanors. Felonies require more appearances in court and may take longer to resolve.
  • Geography: in some places, especially urban cities and business hubs, criminal defense attorney charge high fees.
  • Experience: Everyone would like to have an experienced attorney defend his case. Therefore, they charge higher fees just because they have a large list of clients. They’re experienced enough to be able to defend your case successfully. For example, Mitch Engel Brampton lawyer can assist you in the best way if you’re facing criminal charges in Brampton.

The fees may differ from place to place. Any Brampton criminal law firm will charge you in the range of $1500 to $2000 to defend your case. However, it may vary because of above mentioned factors.

Some common methods of charging lawyer’s fees include:

  1. Retainers

Defense attorneys want their defendants to pay certain amount upfront, whether they charge hourly fees or fixed amount. Retainer is a kind of guarantee which indemnifies lawyers if the client replaces him for someone else.

A lawyer who charges hourly fees may ask you to deposit the amount for 20 hours up front. The lawyer normally sends statements showing the number of hours spent and the kind of work done. He would also inform his clients as to how much of the deposited amount has been used so far.

Before the amount finished, the lawyer informs his client to deposit more amount for certain number of hours to be able to continue his case.

  1. Case Billing

You may be charged with a fixed amount. Most criminal lawyers in Bramptonset fixed amount for DUI cases. In this situation, the fee remains unchanged no matter how long your lawyer works on the case.

The benefit is, you will have an idea of how much to pay your lawyer. It is the responsibility of your lawyer to spend extra time if any complication arises. On the other hand, if the case was resolved sooner than your expectations, you might think you have over-paid your lawyer. In some situations, lawyer return certain portion of their fees.

  1. Hourly Fees

You may be billed for hourly fees. If they charge you hourly then you can expect to pay $150 per hour. Plus, other expenses like subpoena fees, copying fees or any other expenses will also be paid by defendants.

Hourly billing is beneficial for those people whose case concluded quickly. On the other hand, any complication would mean additional time for research and preparation. If the case is easy, and requires just a phone call, criminal defense attorney sets minimum retainer fee for that.

Most experienced defense lawyer inform their clients how much time they require to conclude the case. Mostly, the case is resolved before the anticipated time informed.


Whatever the situation may be, hire a lawyer who has the capabilities to defend you.

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