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How to Choose a Holiday Sickness Solicitor

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Being ill on holiday not only causes physical sickness, but can also ruin your vacation and result in a financial loss. If you have suffered illness while abroad due to the food or drink provided by the hotel, the bad hygiene of the swimming pool or due to the place being dull, then you may be eligible to make a claim.

The tour operator is responsible for ensuring that their supplier hotels overseas take reasonable care and skill to provide food and drink that is safe to consume and will not make you ill. They also have to try and ensure that the hotel swimming pool and other areas of your holiday accommodation are clean and hygienic.Where the tour operator fails to meet this duty and you suffer illness as a result, such as due to contaminated food and drink provided by your hotel, then they can be held responsible.

If you got sick during your holiday because of malfunctioning of any of the spaces or places you were visiting, you should totally claim for Holiday Sickness compensation.As it is law related, you should look for some experts who can advise and help you through the whole process; these are lawyers firms who are specialized in the subject. Before hiring a solicitor you must be careful to choose the right firm for you. In order to achieve that, thereare some things you should consider.

Look at the signs

If you want your claim to be heard and compensate, you should get expert holiday claims lawyers with expertise in their field. Look for lawyers who have worked for tour operators that will give you an advantage.

There are many businesses that refer to being solicitors but are only interested in charging you a profit for your claim. They are usually known as claim referral or claims management firms. Ask the firm if they will be conducting your case directly or whether it will be one of their panels. If they put you in touch with someone from another company, this usually means they are only looking to make a profit.

You should always look for specialized holiday accident and illness compensation solicitors. You should go with firms that open and close the case by your side, without hiring third parties who will only make you pay more and gain less.

Find someone who has a nice reputation. Firms with years of expertise and that are recognizable in the industry. That way you avoid getting scammed by fraudulent people.

Look for someone sincere, that make profits by winning cases for people injured abroad. Avoid firms or lawyers that are looking to close a particular hotel or restaurant and will only use you to get what they want. You need to find someone who is not looking to harm any specific establishment, but to help you get what you deserve by law. Someone who will work hard to make sure you get the highest compensation amount you can get.

In many countries, in order to pursue a holiday illness claim, it must be considered as a package holiday. The official definition of a package holiday is ‘a pre-arranged combination of 2 of following components; transport, accommodation, other tourist services (not ancillary to transport or accommodation).’

It is useful to have a food diary of what was eaten pre and post the date of contamination. With regards to food poisoning, it is important to consider whether other members of the family were ill and what they ate. To make a claim, the lawyers will require documentation such as report forms, booking documents, and complaints made.

It is important that you keep track of this aspects because it doesn’t matter how good the firm is, if you don’t have any proofs of being ill because of any of the reasons we’ve expressed before, there will be no way to get a compensation.

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