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How to Become a Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

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There are several lucrative career options to choose from high schools such as medical, engineering, artists, singer or a lawyer. The field of law has several disciplines and it attracts numerous candidates all year round in several diplomas, graduate, post-graduate and undergraduate courses. According to the demand and salary profile of Philadelphia personal injury lawyers, it is evident that this is a lucrative career option. Many people enter this profession as a personal injury lawyer not just for the sake of money but for their passion for helping other people.

A personal injury lawyer must possess compassion and humanity in addition to legal skills and knowledge of the state laws. You must have the wish to help innocent people get proper compensation and justice for the wrong that happened to them. Also, knowledge of the insurance companies’ rules and claims is an important aspect to know. If you think that justice should be kept above everything even above profit and money then becoming a personal injury lawyer is a good option for you.

Philadelphia personal injury lawyers

Just like most of the Philadelphia personal injury lawyers, you must have a four-year college degree before you can enter a law school. That may seem tough but that is the prerequisite. There is also an entrance examination such as LSAT or similar which you must pass with a high score to stand out of the competition and secure a place in a law college. Most of the law schools offer a three-year course after which a candidate is eligible to join other attorneys to gain working experience. So a total of seven years of education is a must after high school to become a personal injury lawyer.

It is not enough to just attend the college and get some degrees, becoming a personal injury lawyer is much more than that. If you want to get a job in a reputed company then you must work as a clerk during your study period for a law firm. Choose a personal injury firm for this type of internship as you will get some relevant experience from there. This will also grow your network with other attorneys thereby increasing your chance of a good job after completing your education.

Also, gain some knowledge of the medical conditions that may arise due to accidents or typical injuries that people face after road accidents. Maintain a record of reputable doctors that can help you get reports and evidence in your cases. This will improve your case solving abilities and provide better satisfaction to your clients. After graduation, you must pass the bar examination to start your own practice as a personal injury lawyer.

As a lawyer, you can choose to work on a freelance basis or open your own firm or work under other experienced attorneys or big firms. It is recommended to take experience with other firms in the initial years of your practice before moving out on your own. The salary packages for lawyers are attractive in Philadelphia and usually increases with experience.

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