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Get legal advice from the best medical malpractice lawyer in Portland

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We seek immediate medical help in case we face any serious health issues and expect the medical practitioner to diagnose our case and treat the condition with optimum care. But, in case the doctor, nurse or any other medical staff acts negligently and mistreats the patient, a life-threatening condition may occur. If you have faced a similar condition where you have been wrongly diagnosed or treated that caused a significant loss in terms of health and money, you can file a lawsuit against the medical professional. If during the probe, it is proved that the altered physical condition is a result of negligence by the doctor; he is fully accountable to compensate for your losses and injuries. Seek legal help from an experienced  Portland medical malpractice lawyer to discuss your case and file a claim.

A medical malpractice or medical negligence cases may include the following:

  •         Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis: Suppose you had a chest pain and were hospitalized for the same. But, the doctor opined that the pain is just for indigestion and leaves you to lead a normal life without further investigation. After a few months, you face a heart attack and this time you are told that the previous chest pain was actually a minor heart attack that was not diagnosed. If the doctor was not negligent in this case, the second attack could be well-avoided with proper treatment. A mistake in diagnosis is a medical negligence that could result in serious ailments even loss of life. So, if you have faced a similar situation, file a case against the negligent party to recover compensation.

Portland medical malpractice lawyer

  •         Medication errors: Medication errors occur too often that leads to serious health conditions at times. The doctor might fail to judge the exact cause or level of your illness and recommend a wrong dose or a wrong medicine. This could have a severe impact on the health of patients suffering from serious ailments. A situation like this could be easily handled with proficiency and care by some other medical professional. In this case, also, the doctor at fault can be accused of medical negligence and a claim can be made against him with proper evidence with the help of a Portland medical malpractice lawyer.
  •         Surgical errors: Mistakes made during a surgery can alter the patient’s life forever. Surgeries need extreme care and expertise and there is no scope for making a mistake. A little mistake or an act of negligence can risk the life of the patient. If you have faced a lifetime injury due to a surgical error by the doctor or the medical professionals, you are eligible to file a lawsuit against the healthcare provider to recover your losses.

Medical malpractice can change a person’s life and he might never be able to lead a normal life again. In certain conditions, he might lose his work due to his physical conditions and become financially dependent. An expert medical malpractice lawyer will come to your rescue to help you receive maximum compensation for the losses incurred and secure your future.

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