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Divorce: When You’re Better-Off Without Him/Her

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Divorce is the unfortunate reality of many a marriage that have gone bad over years, months or even days. Can a ‘divorce’ that sounds easy or casual turn into a quagmire you never seem to cope up with? Are you upset with the way you or your spouse is handling this delicate issue? Do you wish you had somebody to handhold you through the painful and long-drawn procedure? Ohio divorces are not a simple affair as every couple has a story that is unique and interesting, to say the least.

Don’t be the kind of divorce-seeker or divorcee who doesn’t understand the consequences of his/her actions or inaction, whether or not you had imagined your relationship could culminate into a divorce/dissolution/separation. Follow some of the suggestions below to give a smooth edge to those blaring rough patches in the path of your divorce.

  1. Never make the mistake of over-sharing or being extremely vocal about your pain and problems, no matter how much you feel the itch to do so. Do remember that washing dirty linen in public is never advisable, and nor is being open to any Tom, Dick and Harry about your divorce or rocky relation. In this digital age, information in any form can be stored or recorded and used against you.
  2. Don’t spy or stalk your spouse to satisfy your desire to be in the know of stuff he/she is doing. This irrational step can mess up big time with your own peace of mind and hold you back with grudges, fears and complaints. Not only are some methods of spying or preening illegal and risky, they are detrimental for you to attain closure.
  3. Refrain from making your kids take sides or choose either of you before, during or after this process. They have a right to choose for themselves and decide what they need or want. Don’t manipulate them into bonding or approval of your actions.
  4. Money is not the only stake you should think you have in Ohio divorces. Don’t chase monetary gains as might ignore or neglect other aspects or facets of this decision and regret your money-mindedness later on.
  5. Don’t be violent, passive-aggressive or negative in your approach or behaviour during divorce. This would hurt your peace of mind and ability to wade through the messy affair that divorce often is.
  6. Don’t just see or hear the various aspects of the divorce like a passive spectator. You must participate and be involved in each stage of the process so that you feel in control of situations and don’t give in to the urge to stay aloof and indifferent.
  7. Do not let divorce take away the self-respect or pride you have in yourself. No matter how agonizing and depressing it gets, never self-bash or try to harm yourself.

Once you understand that divorce is for your own good and a bright, peaceful, healthy and happy future, you would realize how much you can grow, evolve and develop yourself even with all the negativity and problems.


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