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Can One Get Divorced Without a Lawyer

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The subject of divorce by mutual consent and the possibility of termination of marriage without the presence of a lawyer in the courtroom is common. Making an application and agreement without the counsel of a lawyer is quite possible, but in the courtroom, for every judge it will be clear that you are trying to create a new practice in the divorce process. If you are in a need of davies family lawyer you are at the right place searching for legal help.

The judge is also not required to perform the role of a lawyer, and the probability of postponing the case for adjusting an agreement is insignificant. This is definitely a waste of time, but it does not detract from the consequences that a deliberate agreement may have in a more complex divorce situation that you may find. The risk of the case being discontinued in default of the court’s instructions is too great.

The idea of ​​coming to an agreement taken from Internet forums and free advice from mostly young and inexperienced corporate lawyers who are enthusiastic about the lawyer’s profession do not always result in the desired 100% result. A well-considered written agreement is the document on whose grounds the court terminates the marriage. Consultation with an experienced lawyer for writing a written agreement does not represent an expense and in most cases, can be shared by both parties and the amount paid is deducted from the total costs of divorce.

Make sure you do yourself a favor and remember that a timely consultation can save you a greater loss of emotional and material comfort.

Is a divorce possible without a lawyer?
The new Family and Civil Procedure Code meet the public need for a quick and relaxing divorce process. New legal norms, new deadlines and requirements have been created in order to guarantee the parties’ interests in the process.

The law does not mandate the presence of a lawyer in the civil proceedings, but the practice proves the necessity of this presence. Saved money, for people who decide to divorce without the advice and protection of an experienced attorney, rarely can justify or compensate for the gaps and consequences that may arise from such a step.

There is a minimum bargaining rate, which regulates the minimum amount of lawyer’s fees to perform a particular service. On the one hand, the tariff protects the interests of the attorney’s practice, on the other hand, does not allow lawyers to have more flexible market behavior in relation to the diminished solvency of citizens. Unfortunately, people’s abilities are a much more dynamic feature than the established rate, and lawyers cannot ignore it. A good way to overcome this inadequacy is by installing the lawyer’s payment in installments, in part, as opposed to the payment of the full amount, when the contract is concluded with a lawyer.

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