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Basic Things You Need to Know About Personal Injury Law

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It is true that accidents happen but you should not be satisfied with that. This mindset will cause you injury and irreparable damages at the end of the day. If something serious happened to you whether it is because of negligence or intentional, you have to make a stand now. Do not let it slip because “accidents happen”.

In cases of personal injury, you should know that the law protects your rights. You can take legal action click this link here now. But before anything else, it is important that you know basic things about Personal Injury Law. Here are some:

Basics of personal injury

There are different conditions where personal injury rules apply but basically, personal injury applies in situations where an individual act in a careless or negligent manner causing harm to another individual. Classic examples are car accidents, medical malpractice or fall and slip incidents.

Personal injury rules also apply to intentional acts. This refers to the deliberate act of the defendant that caused harm to another person. Classic examples are battery, assault and many more. Personal injury rules also apply to defective products. This is when the defendant is found liable for the damages incurred regardless if it is intentional or negligent. Not many know this but defamation covers personal injury rules. Defamation is when an individual releases defamatory statements that can indirectly or directly harm the reputation of another person.

Nature of personal injury case

A personal injury occurs when a person suffers harm from an accident. The victim can either agree on an informal early settlement or negotiation. This is also binding since there are written agreements between two parties stating that they forgo any legal action in the future. Usually, this will involve payment.

If the victim does not want to settle, there is the formal lawsuit. In this kind of case, the individual bringing the case is called “plaintiff” while the one who will receive it is called “defendant”. The burden of proof lies in the “plaintiff”. This means that the plaintiff should present proof of negligence or intention.

Statute of limitations

You have to remember that as plaintiffs, there is a limited time to file a lawsuit. This is called statute of limitation. The statute of limitation will begin right after the plaintiff encountered the injury. The time is established by the state so it varies. To know the statute of limitations in your state, be sure to research or you can ask for the help of professionals like lawyers.

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