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You might have heard about PPC or AdWords but are you aware of PPL or Pay per lead? This is a new way of online advertising for lawyers and law firms to get leads for their business. Although it is similar to pay per click, it is not related to …
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Employer’s Responsibilities for a Work Injury

If you have been injured in the workplace, your employer may be required to help you recover lost wages and other damages. A majority of employers are required by certain state-specific laws to handle workers’ compensation insurance, which is intended to help employees by paying a portion of their wages …
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Philadelphia personal injury lawyers

There are several lucrative career options to choose from high schools such as medical, engineering, artists, singer or a lawyer. The field of law has several disciplines and it attracts numerous candidates all year round in several diplomas, graduate, post-graduate and undergraduate courses. According to the demand and salary profile …
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Portland medical malpractice lawyer

We seek immediate medical help in case we face any serious health issues and expect the medical practitioner to diagnose our case and treat the condition with optimum care. But, in case the doctor, nurse or any other medical staff acts negligently and mistreats the patient, a life-threatening condition may …
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